20 Year Old Lock Repair or Lock Replacement?

Anthony |10th July, 2023

Last week, a gentleman sent me a message, seeking help with a patio door at one of his Newcastle upon Tyne properties. The tenant was stuck; the 20-year-old door wouldn't budge. But no worry, I thought. I'm Anthony from AD Locksmithing, and solving these puzzles is what I do best, especially right here in Newcastle.

Lock Repair or Lock Replacement?

So, we set a time, and I headed over. What I found was a challenge I couldn't wait to tackle: a wooden door, well past its prime, with every part of its mechanism failing. The lock wouldn't turn, the handle spun in circles, and the latch wouldn't retract. It was clear that a simple lock repair wasn't going to cut it this time. The only way through was to carefully dismantle the lock, gaining access to the internals and gently coaxing each part back into motion: first the bolt, then the hooks, and finally the latch.

Replacing the Lock

Despite my expertise, the lock's brand and model eluded me, adding layers to the puzzle. This mechanism, perhaps the most complex I've encountered, demanded patience and precision. I navigated through moult-related parts to manually retract them, located the moving plaque for the hooks, and devised a method to slip the latch from the other side. All this without causing any damage to the wooden door—a testament to the care and skill I bring to every job.

An hour later, victory. The door opened, and it was time for a lock change. Luckily, I could source the parts locally in Newcastle upon Tyne, wrapping up the job in just a day. A satisfying conclusion for the tenant, the property owner, and of course, for me.

Non-destructive solutions

Reflecting on the job, I'm reminded of the trust my community places in me for lock replacement, door repair, and more. Whether it's a stubborn patio door or a routine lock change, my commitment to Newcastle upon Tyne remains unwavering. I pride myself on delivering non-destructive solutions whenever possible. This approach not only saves time and money but also preserves the integrity of each property I work on. It's about more than just fixing a problem; it's about providing a service that respects the homes and businesses of Newcastle, ensuring that every solution is as seamless and unobtrusive as possible. I understand the importance of secure, functioning doors and locks in maintaining the safety and peace of mind of my clients. That's why, no matter the challenge, I'm dedicated to offering solutions that minimise disruption while maximising security and durability. Ready for whatever comes next, I'm here to ensure that your lock and door issues are resolved with care, expertise, and a keen eye for the best possible outcome.

 | Updated: 9th February, 2024