Auction house came without keys?

Anthony |10th July, 2023

A gentleman won an auction involving 2 properties south of Gateshead, which was nice, but there were no keys for either property, which was a bit of a problem. Thankfully, any good Locksmith in Gateshead would be able to help. He got in touch with me via another locksmith who couldn’t do the job as he was mainly an Auto Locksmith.

After agreeing on specifics, I obliged and proceeded to gain access to each property’s front and back doors, all within a minute, in the expected non-destructive manner, to ensure no unnecessary risk is taken that could damage the door internals.

As with every open and lock removed, the following lock change was swiftly done, leaving this gentleman with a new set of 5 keys for each lock for his new properties.

He was impressed with the speed, reliability and professionalism that he was served with, as it was the first time he was working with a Locksmith from Gateshead, being from Manchester himself.

 | Updated: 9th February, 2024