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Anthony |10th March, 2024
Emergency locksmith service in action in Newcastle

Losing Your Keys Can Happen to Anyone

One brisk evening, after cheering on their children at football practice, a family faced a nightmare scenario: their only set of front door keys had vanished. Panic ensued as they rifled through bags and retraced steps but to no avail. Their first call was to a locksmith who, disappointingly, didn't pick up. That's when they found me, Anthony from AD Locksmithing, via a Google My Business listing. In just 18 minutes, I was on their doorstep, ready to resolve their crisis.

First Impressions and Swift Assessments

Upon arrival, I was met with a locked UPVC door sporting a simple cylinder lock. No need for complex tactics here; my experience told me I'd have this door open in no time. The lock was a standard ERA cylinder, typically straightforward but occasionally tricky. Yet, I was confident in my approach.

The Art of Locksmithing in Action

My strategy involved using bump keys, a locksmith's trusty tool for such locks. Identifying it as a 6-pin ERA cylinder allowed me to select the appropriate key. A few precise taps and by the third attempt, the door swung open, much to the family's relief.

However, my job wasn't done. The family had no spare keys, and leaving them with a lock they couldn't secure wasn't an option. I proceeded to replace the cylinder with a higher-security, anti-snap lock. This upgrade not only restored their access but significantly enhanced their home's security. The new lock fit perfectly, eliminating the potential issues of the previous one that was slightly too short, providing the family with additional peace of mind.

A Word of Advice from Your Friendly Newcastle Locksmith

This incident highlights a common oversight many of us make: not having spare keys. It's a simple yet critical aspect of home security. As a 24-hour emergency locksmith in Newcastle, I've seen too many people wait until it's too late. Whether it's ensuring you have extra keys cut or installing a key safe, take the step to secure your home before you find yourself in a bind.

In Newcastle and need a lock change, lock replacement, or an emergency locksmith? Remember, I’m here to help, offering swift, reliable, and friendly service around the clock. Because when it comes to your safety and peace of mind, we're committed to delivering the best service possible.

 | Updated: 10th March, 2024

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