Lost Garage Door Keys in Gateshead

Anthony |21st April, 2024
Locksmith tools and a garage door in Gateshead

It was a calm Gateshead afternoon when I received a call that would turn into a memorable lockout situation. "Hello, this is Anthony from AD Locksmithing," I answered, ready to help another client in distress. The voice on the other end was filled with a mix of urgency and relief. He had been locked out of his garage, all keys were lost to him.

His previous search for help had left him disappointed by less professional-looking services, but my website had caught his eye, prompting his call. "Thanks for reaching out, let’s get that garage opened for you" I assured him warmly.

The Locked Garage Door

Upon arrival, I was faced with a garage door that had its unique challenges. It featured a separate handle and an old, distinguished-looking 'Corbin' lock. I had encountered these in the past but had rarely needed to navigate one. No need for a lock change, just a simple access recovery—so it seemed.

Lock Picking a Corbin Lock

Deploying my trusty electric picking gun, I set to work. This tool, equipped with a thin, vigorously vibrating blade, is designed to simultaneously strike all pins within the lock. More often than not, this prompts the pins to align correctly, allowing the lock to turn freely. However, this Corbin lock was a stubborn old thing. Despite its simple five-pin setup, it wasn’t giving in without a fight.

Minutes ticked by—longer than usual in my line of work. The lock featured security enhancements meant to deter picking, like spool pins and serrated pins, adding complexity to the task. Each attempt provided new feedback, almost whispering to me the adjustments needed. "We're getting somewhere," I murmured, feeling the lock tease open just a few degrees more with each tweak.

Garage Door Unlocked

Finally, the breakthrough came. Real-time adjustments are crucial in dealing with stubborn locks. I modified my approach, pressing down on the pins while the electric gun was still active. This adjustment was what I needed. Within seconds, the resistant pin submitted, and the lock clicked open. Relief washed over my client’s face as I swung the garage door open, reuniting him with his long-awaited space.

As AD Locksmithing in Gateshead, such experiences fuel my commitment to providing reliable, swift, and professional 24-hour emergency locksmith services. Whether it's a lockout emergency or a tricky garage door, I’m here to ensure you’re safe and secure without delay. Remember, when you're locked out and feeling helpless, a friendly, skilled locksmith is just a call away—day or night.

 | Updated: 21st April, 2024

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