Gateshead Lockout Emergency: How I Saved the Day

Anthony |20th February, 2024
Key retrieved by AD Locksmithing during a Gateshead lockout emergency

Hi, Anthony here from AD Locksmithing. Let me share an emergency lock-out job in Gateshead that highlights the essence of our emergency locksmith services.

A Distressing Call for Help

Imagine coming home only to find your key posted through your letterbox by mistake, with the door locked tight behind it. That was the predicament faced by a customer who reached out to me after discovering AD Locksmithing through Instagram.

Initial Challenge: A Composite Door Mystery

Upon arrival, I was greeted by a composite door equipped with 2☆ handles. This design, while excellent for security with its anti-drilling features, obscured any branding, making the lock difficult to identify—a crucial step in picking locks effectively.

To compound the challenge, the side door was also locked, with the keys left inside the lock. This situation ruled out any straightforward bypass methods for either door.

Finding the Path of Least Resistance

In locksmithing, we always look for the "Path of Least Resistance" to gain entry without causing damage. Initially, the situation seemed grim with the front door's 2☆ handles and the absence of a thumb-turn on the front door lock.

Despite this hurdle, a unique opportunity presented itself. The key, having been posted through the letterbox and now lying on the floor just beyond, called for an inventive approach to regain entry.

The Turning Point

Recalling the key's unfortunate location, I opted for a magnetic retrieval mission. Employing a magnet attached to a string threaded through a rail, I managed to fish the key out from its indoor exile, unlocking the door and granting the relieved customer access to her home.

Reflection and Advice

This experience serves as a reminder of the unexpected situations we find ourselves in and the simple yet effective solutions at our disposal. I advise everyone to:

  • Keep spare keys in accessible yet secure locations, such as key safes or with trusted neighbours.

  • Consider the utility of a locksmith in emergencies - not just as a last resort but as a proactive measure for peace of mind.

Remember, in Gateshead or anywhere else, AD Locksmithing is here to help you out of your lockout emergencies, 24 hours a day. Whether it's a misplaced key or a door that won't budge, don't hesitate to give me a call.

 | Updated: 20th February, 2024

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