Wallsend's Snapped Key Emergency Resolved by AD Locksmithing

Anthony |28th March, 2024
Emergency locksmith repairing a door lock in Wallsend

It was a typical day at AD Locksmithing when a call came through about a snapped key in Wallsend. I, Anthony, headed out, knowing well that every lock and the key problem has its unique challenges and solutions.

The Unexpected Key Incident

Upon arriving, I found myself at a home where the key had snapped inside the rim cylinder of its front door. Fortunately, the situation hadn't escalated to a lockout, thanks to the back door being open and accessible. Yet, it was clear the issue needed immediate attention to restore the door’s security.

Navigating the Technical Hurdles

Rim cylinders, similar in complexity to their euro cylinder counterparts but with a distinctive round shape, typically require a meticulous approach. My usual toolkit includes a key extractor set for such predicaments. However, the open door presented an opportunity for a simpler solution. By removing the night latch and cylinder, I was able to access the keyway from the back, easily pushing out the snapped piece.

During this process, another issue came to light—the cylinder rotated oddly when the key was turned. It was a classic case of loose retaining screws. Fixing this not only solved the immediate problem but also prevented potential future lock issues. It was a satisfying two-in-one solution: extracting the broken key and securing the cylinder in place.

A snapped key extraction with the cylinder shown

A Happy Resolution – Lock Fixed

Testing the lock now back together, the customer and I were pleased with the smooth operation. Their gratitude was evident in the positive review they later left, highlighting the importance of prompt and effective locksmith services.

Reflecting on the Experience

Key snaps are more common than one might think, particularly with older or brass keys. Despite their nickel coating, brass keys are susceptible to snapping due to their malleability. This incident underscores the value of immediate, professional locksmith intervention—avoiding makeshift solutions like the WD40 and needle pin method, which, while creative, often prove unsuccessful.

This case study not only shares a success story from AD Locksmithing but also serves as a reminder of the unpredictability and variety of locksmithing challenges. Our commitment to providing prompt, 24-hour emergency locksmith services in Wallsend ensures that whether it’s a snapped key or a lockout emergency, solutions are just a call away. Visit us for more stories and locksmith tips.

Customer Review

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 | Updated: 29th March, 2024

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