Emergency Lock Repair Near Newcastle

Anthony |21st August, 2023

A bit of a classic job today: this uPVC patio door mechanism had failed early in the morning, leaving the owner unable to lock the door at all.

As with any good locksmith for Newcastle, I carry every common and uncommon residential lock and mechanism, which allows me to complete a job from A to Z in one visit. This time was no exception.

A lock repair in Newcastle shouldn’t be difficult to get done, however, with mechanisms, most of the time, the best way to proceed is to change the units. Why? Because replacing only the part that broke, if even possible, doesn’t guarantee something else won’t fail shortly. With a new unit, a full warranty can be given, which in turn, offers peace of mind.

So in this case, we had the central unit changed, all parts checked, lubricated, leaving the door even better than before it broke.

If you ever need a locksmith in Newcastle, and need the job done efficiently, in one visit, and at a competitive rate, call AD Locksmithing on 07865 367298.

 | Updated: 9th February, 2024