Emergency Locksmith Gateshead Attends Completely Obliterated Door Mechanism!

Anthony |15th January, 2024

Thanks to an extensive knowledge of door mechanisms, most of the lockout situations any good locksmith in Gateshead could encounter should not take more than 30 minutes to be sorted.

There is always a relatively simple or straightforward way to get you back in, whether because we have the right tools, or just know exactly what we’re doing and how we’re going to do it, despite having no visual on what is going on inside your door.

In today’s case, here is the door as I saw it upon arriving on site:

Now, the real problem here, which I unfortunately did not take a picture of, as I got 100% of my focus in getting the door opened instead of taking pictures, is that about a third of the insides of this mechanism had already been tampered with, and had either been taken off or had dropped further down the mechanism, totally out of reach. And of course, the parts involved were the exact parts that I would have needed to be in place to open the door in a matter of seconds. So instead, it took me 3 hours to open that door.

Why that much time? Because I am committed to opening each and every door I encounter in a non-destructive manner: no damage to any parts that aren’t already damaged. An emergency locksmith in Gateshead should always try their best to avoid damaging your door, so that’s what I did.

Eventually, I did get the door opened, which involved dismantling almost the entire door to pieces instead of making holes through it. See below the only pictures I took, and bear in mind by the time the door was opened, its mechanism was almost empty of any parts, which is why you won’t see a close-up picture of it:

Upon getting the door re-assembled, the new mechanism fitted, and all of the adjustments needed in order to ensure a smooth operation, I got the customer to try to operate the door again, which he did with delight. Never worked that good before!

A challenge for sure, but nothing your local locksmith Gateshead, AD Locksmithing, can’t handle!

If you’re locked out in Gateshead, get in touch with Anthony on 07865 367298, who can help with all your locksmith-related needs!

 | Updated: 9th February, 2024