Emergency Locksmith Required To Prevent Asthma Attack

Anthony |23rd October, 2023

A jammed window, fresh paint and asthma: three things you don’t want to have in the same room…

When I received the call to this particular job, it became clear very quickly why this was an emergency that needed a locksmith from Newcastle. Over the weekend, this mum of two had redecorated her home, including her children’s bedroom, which only had one window.

She tried to open the window, as fresh air and ventilation were required to disperse the scent of new paint, but the window decided not to cooperate and had jammed shut. The real issue, however, was this: one of her children was asthmatic! In other words, this window had to be opened, otherwise her child’s health would be at risk.

A typical emergency locksmith from Newcastle's response time should be anywhere between 5 and 30 minutes. While there was no need to break traffic laws to make it there as fast as possible, I did manage to get there in that time frame, to meet a panicked mum.

I noticed this was quite an old window, and the mechanism on it had only seized on one side. As always, my priority is non-destructive work, so it did take some time to manually move all seized parts of the mechanism without damaging the uPVC frame or, God forbid, break the glass. The window was eventually successfully opened, filling the room with some lovely fresh air.

The mechanism was beyond repair, so a replacement was promptly fitted, and finally, we had a working window, and a new key, to ensure the children’s safety. The mum finally got some much-needed peace of mind, tried the window, and sent your local locksmith back to Newcastle with a smile.

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 | Updated: 9th February, 2024