This Gateshead Builder Forgot His Code: Should He Get A Hammer, Or A Locksmith?

Anthony |18th December, 2023

Not everything has to be about locks in locksmithing, especially when you diversify your skills. That being said, most Locksmiths in Gateshead will know how to find a lost combination to most key safes. In my case, and in the case of this particular one, it was going to be a good refresher.

I don’t get many call-outs for lost key codes, because most people will usually have additional spare keys, or simply decide to break and replace the key safe. But here, the agency (and the builder that needed access) were more inclined to not have any damage done to their key safe and decided to get an Emergency Locksmith in Gateshead to open it and restore their lost code.

Decoding some key safes can really be tricky, but more often than not, as long as you know how they are made, and how to exploit their vulnerabilities, getting into these is relatively straightforward. In simple terms, you have to “feel” what the correct combination is. And if you feel right, you’ll get it opened!

Once opened, there is a little snib that allows for the code to be changed, so I showed my customer how to do it, asked him to change the code to something he would remember, and test his new code: all went nice and smooth, and this key safe was functional again.

As you can see, being locked out in Gateshead doesn’t always have to be from properties, sometimes, it’s safes and key safes too!

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 | Updated: 9th February, 2024