Gateshead Office With High Security Key Bent Out Of Shape

Anthony |27th November, 2023

High-security locks are great solutions to not only act as physical deterrents against opportunistic attacks, but also double as actual proper protection, should someone actually try to force your door.

That being said, having issues with a high-security lock can also mean trouble, if the situation is to be addressed by someone without proper knowledge or skills, which is why calling a skilled Locksmith from Gateshead is always, well, a good call, when your high-security lock fails on you.

In our case today, these offices located in Metro Centre, Gateshead, misused their last remaining key, resulting in having it bent, so bent in fact that it did not fit in its lock anymore. See above.

Of course, acute DIYers surely would get their hammers out and show this key who’s the boss, but this would result in a key that may indeed work, but whose integrity would be compromised, which means a considerable risk of having it snap.

That is why a new lock for this Gateshead office was deemed the best immediate solution: 3 new keys, 1 new lock with a 1-year warranty, so any users can have peace of mind and options, should anything happen again.

I ensured there was no master key system in the building that would require keeping the old lock and key, so this small technical detail was also considered when making the decision. For all your local Locksmith enquiries, get in touch at 07865 367298 with AD Locksmithing, the Top 3 best Locksmiths in Gateshead!

 | Updated: 9th February, 2024