Unlocking Costs: How Much Is a Locksmith in 2024?

Anthony |23rd May, 2024
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Wondering how much is a locksmith? Whether you're locked out, needing a new lock or dealing with a broken key, the cost of a locksmith can vary. Typically, you may expect to pay around £80 for the first hour of a standard service. However, this is just a starting point. Locksmith fees can fluctuate based on the complexity of the job, time of day, and location. This article will guide you through the average prices for locksmith services and the factors that influence these costs.

Key Takeaways

  • Locksmith services vary in cost and are influenced by job complexity, lock type, urgency, and location; average charges start around £80 for the first hour and escalate after hours and in emergencies.

  • Replacing standard locks can cost £35, excluding labour, while more complex or high-security locks, such as a deadbolt or anti-snap locks, incur additional costs; geographic location also significantly affects price variation.

  • To avoid overpaying, compare locksmiths based on their credentials and precise estimates, and consider preventative maintenance or negotiating discounts to reduce overall locksmith expenditures.

Locksmith Service Charges Explained

Regarding locksmith service charges, it's not always as straightforward as it seems. Prices can vary drastically depending on the nature of the job, the type of lock involved, and the urgency of the service. On average, you may be looking at around £80 for the first hour, but this can change depending on the complexity of the service.

However, be wary of cheaper locksmiths, as they may use destructive methods that could cause damage. Opting for a professional locksmith who uses non-destructive methods first, such as AD Locksmithing, can save you additional costs in the long run.

Let's delve deeper into the different types of locksmith services and their corresponding costs.

Standard Locksmith Services Rates

Standard locksmith services during normal working hours include tasks like replacing a lock on a door, cutting keys, and non-emergency door openings. The locksmith cost for these services can vary.

For instance, replacing a lock on a door costs around £35-£45 plus labour, while key cutting charges depend on the type of key. You might wonder, how much does a locksmith charge for these services? The answer depends on location, time of day, and the job's complexity.

If you're locked out of your house but it's not an emergency, unlocking the house and gaining entry can cost you anywhere from £85 to £130, depending on the type of lock and door. For additional services like removing a broken key from a lock, you might be looking at costs between £80 and £100. This also applies to garage locks and a patio door lock.

This service requires precision and care to extract the broken piece without causing further damage to the lock mechanism. A skilled locksmith will use specialised tools to remove the key and ensure the lock remains fully functional.

Additional repairs or replacements may be necessary if the lock is damaged during extraction, increasing the overall cost.

It's also worth noting that if the broken key results from a deeper underlying issue with the lock, your locksmith might recommend a complete lock replacement to prevent future problems, further influencing the total service cost.

Emergency Locksmiths Call Out Fee

When you're locked out of your house in the middle of the night, you're likely to encounter a emergency call out fee. Emergency locksmith services typically start at an hourly rate of £80, with variations depending on labour, parts, and locality-specific rates.

If you need services after 8 pm, the hourly rate can start from £100 and will likely increase after midnight. Emergency services during weekends and evenings also come with increased rates. Emergency rates in metropolitan areas like London can be even higher, starting from £115 per hour and rising to £215 after midnight.

Complex Lock Solutions

High-security or anti-snap locks can be more expensive than standard locks. Their complexity and quality require specialist tools and knowledge, which could further increase costs.

For instance, replacing locks that meet British Standards could increase costs. Companies like Ultion, Yale, and Avocet offer a range of high-security lock solutions, including smart locks and door handles, that may come with higher price tags but offer enhanced security.

Lock Types and Replacement Costs

Now that we've covered the service charges let's delve into the costs associated or rim lock with different types of locks. The cost to change locks can start from £100 for a basic euro lock cylinder, with prices going up depending on the type of lock and its complexity.

For example, a Yale lock typically costs around £100 per lock to change, including materials and labour, while changing a mortice lock can start from £125. However, ask for a comprehensive quote comprising all costs.

It's also important to note that prices for door locks without labour are estimated at £35 for a basic cylinder lock for a uPVC door, upwards of £45 for BS3621 Mortice deadlocks, and £95 for BS3621 Approved Night latches.

There are many types of locks including rim or euro locks, internal door lock. Also depending on if its a wooden door or a upvc door lock. Let's explore the pricing of different lock types more.

Pricing Guide for a Mortice Lock

A Mortice lock, commonly used in wooden doors, can be more expensive due to their security features. The average cost of one standard mortice lock is around £45, with additional charges for labour if you need to replace one.

However, due to the variety of standard mortice lock sizes available, the cost of a replacement can go up if your door needs adjustments to fit the new lock. This can push the cost to around £140, including locksmith labour cost.

For a fresh lock installation for a mortice locks wooden door the cost is around £175, including labour.

Unlocking a mortice lock may incur additional costs.

Euro Cylinder and Anti-Snap Lock Pricing

Euro cylinder locks are often used in uPVC doors and are relatively affordable compared to other locks, such as one standard rim lock. A Euro lock can cost around £35, with locksmiths charging upwards of £100 to change one.

For enhanced security, you might want to consider anti-snap euro cylinder locks. These locks are designed to prevent burglars from snapping the lock cylinder to gain entry and can start from £60, excluding labour.

UPVC Door Locks and UPVC Lock Units

uPVC doors are famous for their durability and security, but they can come with their costs. The average cost to change a standard uPVC door lock unit is around £170.

If you need to replace the whole multi-point locking systems on a uPVC door, the costs can start from £220.

Factors Influencing Locksmith costs

So far, we've touched on various costs associated with locksmith jobs, but what influences these prices? Several factors come into play, including geographic location, timing and urgency of the service, and if its a locked door, the type of lock and its security features.

Understanding these factors can help you anticipate potential costs when hiring a locksmith and make an informed decision. Let's take a closer look at these factors.

Geographic Price Variations

Location can significantly affect the prices charged by local locksmiths. Costs can vary drastically between cities and regions across the UK, with local locksmith cost in metropolitan areas like London charging more due to additional expenses like congestion and parking charges.

Even within the same city, the distance a locksmith must travel can impact the pricing, especially if the service is required in rural areas where fewer locksmiths may be available.

Timing and Urgency Impact

The timing and urgency of the locksmith service can also cause fluctuations in pricing. Jobs performed during unsociable hours, weekends, and bank holidays generally cost more due to after-hours premiums.

For instance, after 8 pm, emergency locksmith jobs can start at an hourly rate of £100 and may increase after midnight.

On average, emergency locksmiths in the UK costs around £85 but can rise to £200 during the night.

The Scope of Locksmith Work

Lastly, the scope and complexity of the locksmith work can significantly influence the cost. For instance, changing all the locks in your home can cost around £350 depending on how many locks. Typical locksmith prices include a front door lock, backdoor lock and a patio door lock replacement.

On the other hand, smaller tasks like extracting a broken key from a lock can cost between £80 and £100. The complexity of the locks can also affect the price. For example, mortice locks with more levers generally have enhanced security features, and thus, their varying prices reflect the cost impact of lock complexity.

Remember that the locksmith's labour rate typically does not include the cost of parts, and an additional fee may be added to quotes for unforeseen requirements or unique parts.

The True Cost of Emergency Locksmith Services

Beyond the basic locksmith service charges, emergency locksmith cost often involve additional costs. These services, which include gaining entry to a locked property or to repair locks, usually come with immediate assistance fees and after-hours premiums.

But what are these extra costs, and how much does it cost? Let's explore.

Immediate Assistance Fees

Immediate assistance fees pertain to the urgent need for access or repair services. Locksmiths may charge an emergency call out fee ranging from £50 to £150, reflecting the urgency and time of service.

Regarding the locksmith cost, the average labour charge for an emergency locksmith service is approximately £85, excluding any parts and VAT that may be required.

For services such as emergency boarding up necessary after forced entry or burglary, the average cost is around £250.

After-Hours Premiums

When searching for emergency locksmith services, it's important to consider emergency locksmith prices, especially during after-hours. Hourly rates start from £80 and increase for jobs late at night and on weekends.

During the evening or early morning hours, locksmiths may charge hourly rates between £100 to £200 for their services. After business hours, locksmith rates can increase significantly, with some locksmiths charging up to £200 per hour for late-night services.

Selecting the Right Locksmith Company

Choosing the right locksmith is crucial in ensuring quality service and reasonable pricing. This involves assessing a locksmith's reputation and reliability, checking their qualifications, and understanding their quotes and estimates for various locksmith jobs.

Let's dive into what you should consider when selecting a locksmith company.

Assessing Locksmith Credentials

To ensure you're hiring a professional, check the locksmith's credentials. This includes their training, experience, and accreditation by organisations like the Master Locksmiths Association. Avoid locksmiths who haven't passed vetting processes to avoid potential scams.

Always remember that a reputable locksmith, like AD Locksmithing, will prioritise non-destructive methods first to prevent a lock replacement cost and getting the lock fixed.

Understanding Quotes and Estimates

Understanding and comparing locksmith service quotes and estimates can help you avoid overpaying. Always ask for a comprehensive breakdown of costs, including labour, parts, and any call out fees.

Be wary of locksmith companies that provide low initial quotes or give conditional or vague statements. Reputable locksmiths should provide precise and accurate estimates.

Saving on Locksmith Prices

While most locksmiths can be pricey, there are ways to save on these expenses. Here are some tips to help you avoid unnecessary costs:

  • Shop around and compare prices from different locksmiths.

  • Read reviews and choose a reputable locksmith with good customer feedback.

  • Maintain your locks regularly to prevent issues and the need for emergency locksmith services.

  • Consider more affordable alternatives to elaborate home security systems, such as using realistic security service signs to deter burglars.

  • Establish a relationship with a reputable locksmith in advance to avoid rush decisions and potentially negotiate better prices.

By following these tips, you can save money on locksmith services.

Negotiating with locksmiths for bulk work or requesting discounts for seniors or veterans can yield better rates.

Also, ask if VAT is included in the quoted price to understand the breakdown of costs fully.


Navigating the cost landscape of locksmith prices can be complex, but with the proper knowledge, you can ensure you get the best value for your money.

From understanding standard service rates to the additional costs associated with emergency services and for a locksmith to change locks, this guide has equipped you with the information to make informed decisions about locksmith prices.

Remember, the key (pun intended) to saving on locksmith expenses is understanding the factors that influence costs and being proactive in your approach. You can keep your home secure without breaking the bank by doing your due diligence, maintaining your locks regularly, and building relationships with reputable locksmiths.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a standard locksmith service cost?

A standard locksmith service costs around £80 for the first hour, with prices varying based on the job and lock type. Prices may vary depending on the specific circumstances.

What are the costs associated with emergency locksmith services?

The costs associated with emergency locksmith services typically start at an hourly rate of £80, with potential variations based on labour, parts, and locality-specific rates. After 8 pm, the rates can increase, starting from £100 and rising after midnight.

How much does it cost to replace different types of locks?

Different types of locks can cost anywhere from £100 to £150 to replace, with varying prices depending on the type. Consider the type of lock you need to replace when estimating costs.

What factors influence locksmith prices?

The location, timing, urgency of service, and the type of lock and its security features can all influence locksmith prices. These factors play a crucial role in determining the final cost.

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