A Lock Repair or a Door Repair in Kenton

Anthony |4th December, 2023

As an emergency locksmith in Kenton, I often encounter doors that refuse to open, typically due to a faulty mechanism. However, a recent locksmith job in Kenton presented an unexpected challenge requiring more ingenuity.

UPVC Door repair or Lock Fix

After arranging the details with the client, my initial task was to open the door, which, surprisingly, opened with minimal effort and without needing tools. Contrary to my expectations, the lock mechanism was in perfect condition. It turned out that the door had merely dropped slightly, causing the mechanism to misalign with the frame, mimicking a lockout scenario. A dropped door fix is needed. Fortunately, the customer had wisely refrained from forcing the door, avoiding damage.

How I Fixed the UPVC Door

The apparent solution was to adjust the door's position. The challenge was that the hinges lacked any adjustment capability. Thus, we resorted to a tried-and-true method known as toe and healing, a well-known UPVC door repair, to solve door alignment issues. This involved removing the door beadings, repositioning the incorrectly placed packers, and adding new ones at strategic points to realign the door correctly. This adjustment created tension to lift the door back to its optimal position.

Additional Door Lock Change

During the service, the customer mentioned that her keys were increasingly difficult to operate. To address this, I offered to change the locks, providing five new keys and a one-year warranty. The customer was thrilled with the simplicity and effectiveness of the solution, noting the significant improvement in the operation of her door and locks.

Door Repair in Kenton

If you have lock or door issues in Kenton, AD Locksmithing is here to provide swift, reliable solutions. Whether you need a simple UPVC door adjustment or a complete lock replacement, I ensure your doors function smoothly and securely. Contact us today for expert emergency locksmith services in Kenton.

 | Updated: 9th February, 2024