Kenton Porch Door Mechanism Failed…. Or Did It?

Anthony |4th December, 2023

Most of the time, when a locksmith from Newcastle hears customers explaining their door doesn’t open or unlock anymore, we think “Yep, the mechanism has gone”. And with all fairness due, it’s the case almost every single time. But this time, this door decided to pull a little prank on me.

As always, once specifics had been agreed with the customer, the first job was to open the door, so I could then decide whether or not we needed a lock repair at this Newcastle property.

As it turns out, opening the door was quite easy: a bit of manipulation, a bit of playing with the handle, and voila, the door was opened, without even needing any tool. And to my surprise, the mechanism was working perfectly! So then, what had happened?

Turns out that door had simply dropped enough to cause its mechanism moving parts to sit just a bit too deep in the door frame, giving the impression of a lockout. The customer did not try to force anything (and good on her for taking the smart decision!), so there was no real way for her to tell.

The solution then made itself quite clear: this door needed to be lifted enough to allow smooth operation again. The only problem being that the hinges did not offer any adjustment possble. Great! Then, we did it the proper way: a toe and heel.

In short, toe and heeling is a common tool in any locksmiths in Newcastle’s arsenal, consisting of removing the door beadings, and removing packers that may have been put in the wrong place, and then introducing additional packers on both the hinge and handle side, to create additional tension which then lifts the door up. See the pictures below for a visual.

Before going, this customer told me about how “sticky” all of her door keys were getting over time, so I offered to have a change of lock in her Newcastle property, providing 5 new keys and a 1-year warranty along with it. The difference was night and day!

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 | Updated: 9th February, 2024