Locksmith Colleague Referral For Newcastle Lockout

Anthony |18th September, 2023

Upon realising they were locked out, this lady and her son called a Newcastle locksmith.
The locksmith, however, had a day off, so decided to refer this customer to a colleague he could trust to do the job well. Thank you for the referral, Anthony.

The situation was described to me as follows:  the customers have left their nightlatch keys on the back of the lock and closed the door behind them, locking themselves out.

While this seemed odd at first, as not many night latches have keyways on the inside, I headed to the destination, thinking about my theoretical non-destructive entry options, as any professional Emergency Locksmith in Newcastle should.

Once on site, I noticed the front part of the lock for this nightlatch seemed standard, which is odd, as standard non-British Standard nightlatches do not allow a key to be inserted on the back. My decision was then to treat this lock as if there was nothing on the other side, and I gained entry in less than a minute. That’s when the customer realised they did leave keys at the back of the door, but on a different lock!

In any case, they were back inside, and thanks to cooperation between two locksmiths from Newcastle, the job was completed within a very short time frame and without damage to any door component. A big relief for the customer.

If you find yourself locked out in Newcastle, call AD Locksmithing on 07865 367298.

 | Updated: 9th February, 2024