Non-Destructive, Four Lock Entry To A Gateshead Business

Anthony |21st July, 2023

As part of doing work for large companies, it is often a requirement to gain access to residential and commercial properties. Not every locksmith in Gateshead can carry out this type of work, as it requires an exclusively non-destructive entry.

The photos, here, show commercial property doors from a training business situated east of Gateshead. They feature no more than three locks, including two mortice locks, which are notorious for being a lot harder to open without damage than standard locks.

Thankfully, I have the knowledge, tools and experience to open most residential and commercial locks without damage, and these three locks were no exception.

I worked to regain access to the premises and had all three locks open in about twenty-five minutes, no drill in sight. The door was then opened, revealing… another door! This internal door only had a single lock, which was taken care of in a matter of seconds – again, non-destructively. That brought the total amount of locks to be opened on this occasion to four!

For any situation that would require emergency lock replacement in Gateshead, you can trust AD Locksmithing will have the job done the right way, so feel free to get in touch on 07865 367298.

 | Updated: 11th March, 2024