Riveted Garage Lock Replacement Newcastle

Anthony |6th November, 2023

I answered the call, and arrived at her property in about 20 minutes. I assessed the situation, then proceeded to open her garage door non-destructively, meaning without any damage to the mechanism itself.

Despite the fact that she had no more keys, and there would be an argument for destructive means to open this door as the mechanism would need changing anyway, I would counter argue that if non-destructive means are possible, they will always be superior. This means no risk of unwanted damage, plus the possibility to stop and reassess.

Once opened, we now had to facilitate a lock replacement at this Newcastle property, because a new one would come with two new keys. There was also the option of crafting a new key from scratch, but the process would take a lot longer, as well as requiring the correct blanks. On top of that, one of the retaining screws on her face plate had snapped, so a replacement was simply the overall best solution.

These particular Henderson/Garador inline garage mechanisms are riveted on the arms theyy extend/retract, so de-riveting and re-riveting was required to complete the job properly. I simply drilled the old rivets, swapped the central mechanism and correctly re riveted the new one on. Pretty straightforward stuff for any competent Newcastle locksmith.

Once the above was completed and two brand new keys were given to the customer, I did a quick check to ensure all was working the way it should and off I went to my next job of the day!

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 | Updated: 9th February, 2024