Safe Locksmith: How to Open Your Safe When You Lost Your Keys or Code

Anthony |21st May, 2024
A electronic safe that it’s owner had forgot its code and lost the keys

Safe locksmiths are experts in opening your safe when you have lost your keys or code.

What safe do you have?

In most situations, in a residential setting, you will use a Yale safe or any of its declinations, maybe a base model Chubb safe, or you may have one of Amazon's wall safes or B&Q floor safes. These are typically slightly smaller than a microwave and constructed with basic yet sturdy materials.

Still, key lock safes don’t usually present much security apart from a primary digital code input interface and a mechanical lock override, most often hidden behind a sliding panel or a couple of screws.

Correct, safe installation

While these are called safes, the security level isn't great. Unless securely bolted to a solid wall or the ground through a safe installation service offered by a safe engineer, they are easily portable.

Bolting them and good safe installations prevent safe removal.

In other words, if you can easily carry it, it’s not a good safe, so keep this in mind when deciding what type of safe you want, why you want it, and what most valuable possessions, important documents or car keys you will protect.

An additional security system can help, too. Consequently, they aren’t very safe. Most importantly, the safe installation must be correct.

A sound, safe engineer can advise you on the best method for protecting your most prized possessions.

How to open your safe if you lost the safe keys

Lost keys can be easily worked around. Even if you lose the safe key, you can usually still open it using your secret code via the digital panel. You can find this in your safe manual or contact the manufacturer. A safe engineer or professional locksmith may also be able to provide a code.

How to open your safe if you lost the key

If you forget the code for electronic safes, the manual safe override key, which would have come with the safe, will allow you to open it. Safe specialists can help you identify the safe and potentially the override key.

The complication comes when you lose both.

How to open your safe if you lost the key and code.

In the case of a locked safe where you have lost both the key and the code, the only two realistic answers are the following:

You force the safe open

Note this is not the recommended option. But if you do want to do it this way, accept the fact you will have to replace it with a new one. This has the advantage of being an independent solution, but it involves destruction and buying a whole new safe.

Call a professional local safe locksmith.

Call a professional local locksmith who offers safe services and have him open it for you without damage as part of their commercial safe opening services. Then, reset the code so you can continue using it. A new key can generally also be provided at an extra cost.

This solution might not always be the cheapest, but it will be the most convenient, as there will be no need to find a way to force your own safe open, or to order/drive to buy a new one. A professional locksmith offers comprehensive safe locksmith services, including emergency safe opening, to ensure your safe remains in good working order.

Unless you are proficient in lock picking or have advanced expertise, like a locksmith has, in your safe’s exact design, there is no in-between.

How an emergency locksmith would perform an emergency safe opening.

Here’s an example of a safe which got opened by taking advantage of its design flaws with the tools needed:

The exploit

In this particular case, the safe had broken locks, which allowed access to the back of the safe lock mechanism.

I could then directly interact with the locking mechanism and open the safe door without a key or a code, as the lock had separated from the safe.

After gaining access, it is essential to consider safe repairs on the locks to ensure the security of your valuables.

Why is my safe lock not turning on, and how can I perform safe repairs?

Suppose you can’t open your safe because your digital panel ran out of batteries, preventing your safe opening. In that case, some safes will have a covered part that allows you or safe locksmiths to use a 9v battery to provide enough electricity to use your code and open your safe. This gives you access to the battery casing so you can replace the batteries, guaranteeing long-term usage again.

How to prevent a safe from turning on.

However, safe engineers advise good, safe maintenance and regular inspections to avoid getting into the situation in the first place. Part of this is listening to your safe. Most safes let you know they are almost out of battery, either by beeping more than usual or displaying their lack of power on the digital interface. Always keep track of where you store your keys.

The safe will let you know before it’s too late, so do not ignore it while it tries to tell you! If in doubt a locksmith will be able to help.

Gain access with my locksmith services

If you have misplaced your safe key or need your safe opening, I provide safe opening and repair in the North East and Newcastle upon Tyne. Contact me today.

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