Scandinavian Lock Change In Newcastle Pizzeria

Anthony |16th October, 2023

Amongst these locksmiths in Newcastle project pages, one of my previous posts featured my very first customer – ever – as a locksmith from when I worked for another company. The customer (and his door) was also my very first customer at AD Locksmithing after all ties were cut with the aforementioned company.

As a ‘glorious return’ involving a change of locks in Newcastle, I was tasked with replacing the second lock on this door, a Scandinavian lock. Sounds exotic, doesn’t it? Well, while it may sound so, its basic concept is pretty similar to a normal door lock, minus its middle part, which doesn’t ‘exist’ in this particular model. Indeed, this Scandinavian lock is made of two halves featuring a tiny little tail that slots in the mechanism, allowing it to do its job when you turn the key.

That original job involved replacing a mechanism on a composite door in the property joined with the shop, as well as a lock change on the very same sort of door, though this door has 2 locks!

The process of changing it is a bit different than for a normal door lock, but if you know how, it’s very straightforward. The ‘before’ pictures on this page will show you its anatomy, as well as the ‘after’ result of this job.

The result was another successful lock change completed by your local locksmith for Newcastle!

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 | Updated: 9th February, 2024