She actually wasn’t locked out… But called a locksmith anyway!

Anthony |2nd October, 2023

What do you usually do at 3am on a Saturday to Sunday night? That’s right, sleep. Or at least, that’s what most people past their twenties do, like myself. This lovely young woman lost her front door keys at a party, so she called a Locksmith from Gateshead. I received the call and thankfully, didn’t have to travel much, less than a mile or so.

I arrived before her, had a look at the front door: a 5 lever mortice lock. Tough job ahead. I had a quick look around the back to see if I could have a look at the back door lock, however, a garage door was in the way, so I returned to the front and waited for her.

When she arrived, she asked if I was the Local Locksmith from Gateshead she called earlier, and, well, yes I was! The first thing I inquired about was the back door. Why? Because, as my trainer taught me back in class, “always take the path of least resistance”, and next to a 5 lever mortice lock, not much was going to be harder than that.

She told me that the garage door was actually opened, so we could access the back door, which was an upvc door. However, as we approached it, she tried the handle and the door opened! Turns out she never locked it. How’s that for a “path of least resistance?”

With the lockout situation sorted, though without the help of a 24-hour locksmith from Gateshead, I had to inform her that cancellation fees were a thing, which she understood. Once settled, I promptly went back to bed.

Now, there was no lock to pick on this job, so as a consolation prize, here are a couple pictures of me picking a similar lock from her front and back doors, on the bench I have set up in the van:

 | Updated: 9th February, 2024