Triple Lock Change In Gosforth, Newcastle

Anthony |14th August, 2023

This local landlord needed a couple of lock replacements in his Newcastle property. Why? There were too many people in possession of keys, and new tenants were moving in, so he called a Newcastle Locksmith, in this instance, myself. As it turns out, this gentleman was the son of another landlord I currently work with!

His property had a Slam shut front door, a uPVC back door, and a back gate too. The property was held to quite the standard, so I ensured all colours would match between the locks I fitted and the gear on the door.

The job was completed swiftly, all keys bundled and given to the landlord, and off I was to my next job for his dad.

If you need a change of locks in Newcastle or surrounding areas, we carry all residential-sized locks, as well as most commercial-sized locks.

We are available 24/7, so for all lock replacements in Newcastle just get in touch and we’ll get you sorted!

 | Updated: 9th February, 2024